Tunbridge Wells (Church Road)

Located in an historic area of Tunbridge Wells, close to the old town within the setting of several listed buildings, the site spans two street frontages and is highly visible from near and distant viewpoints. Zoning studies identified three separate character areas that informed a harmonised variation in architecture across the site.  The tight grain conservation area streets to the rear created an entirely different design challenge to the more civic scale across the frontage. Level changes were used to advantage to engineer underground parking allowing a new high quality landscaping scheme to take primacy at ground level.

Detailed townscapes studies allowed us to analyse the site’s potential for change.  After refusal at committee, despite officer recommendation, the scheme for 43 high quality residential apartments, both private and affordable, was granted consent at a 4-day appeal

This scheme is typical of urban conservation areas projects that rely upon detailed analysis and observation to develop sound criteria for redevelopment and very detailed negotiations to be undertaken with the local authority to achieve a successful outcome and officers’ support.