Granard Avenue SW15

New build

A self-build project, the 3,500sqft family home of Steffi and Trevor Sutters,  built on the site of a former 1950’s house circa 1200sqft , promotes an enhanced sense of  inside-outside connectivity by maximising vistas from upper decks and balconies over the landscaped gardens to front and rear. Simple geometric forms marry with a minimal materials pallet externally to create a restrained layering of elevational form  in the streetscene.  The project is also heavily influenced by Passivhaus design principles of low energy, high level of insulation and air tightness balanced by  whole house ventilation.   Internally open plan an divisible  cellular living spaces  link to green roofing and  series of landscaped roof decks and terraces across levels to offer high levels of daylighting and physical amenity.

This was a demonstration project that trialled  a  new suite of contracts, Architects Design & Management  (ADM),  authored by Giles Dixon and Trevor Sutters. It brought together 36 main trades in a collaborative working relationship that promoted both quality and efficiency throughout the  9-month programme from demolition to occupancy.  The contract cut out the middle men and consequent cost build ups and delays.   The authors are now seeking to publish the contracts to a wider audience.

Authors note: The sustainable, low energy,  design principles embodied in this self-build project have been extended to many subsequent new build and retro-fit projects where construction management has delivered leaner, smarter buildings.