Tuckton, Bournemouth

In a picturesque and peaceful setting, on raised ground, looking over  the local marina and sea beyond, the practice devised a proposal for three contemporary villas framed by a canopy of tall, mature Scots pine trees.   The open plan houses, with full height windows, introduced high levels of daylight, reinforced inside/outside connectivity and made the most of the spectacular views.  The external decks at all levels added to the useable amenity space on the constrained site area to enhance liveability. The maritime influence woven through the design features and seen in use of material finishes, glass and timber, emphasised  the horizontal layering of form to promote   a soft visual contrast to the strong, vertical, almost columnar order, of the stand of tall trees. In this environmentally sensitive location ecological and tree protection measures were an important issue.  The scheme was consented at appeal on arboricultural and design grounds. Land values rose exponentially and our client sold on the site which was built out by others.